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Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale

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BIRTHDAY 2 June, 1947
BIRTH PLACE Moga , Punjab
AGE (in 1984) 37 Years Old
Last Updated on : June 2, 2017

Other Name: Jarnail Singh Brar
More Professions : Activist

Birthday Countdown, Age and Birthday Facts

Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was 37 years & 4 days old age.

About   Edit

Jarnail Singh Brar, popularly known as Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was born on 2nd June 1947 in Rode, Malwa. He is better known for his association and contribution in the Khalistan Movement.


Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was a thorough Khalsa leader and asked people to live as per Sikhism. He raised his voice against the consumption of liquor, drugs, tobacco, adultery which had engulfed the youth of Punjab that time. He advocated the Khalistan Movement, in which he wanted to create a separate Sikh Majority state under the name of Khalistan.After the announcement of the Khalistan Movement, Jarnail Singh was linked to several assassinations and conspiracies. He was first suspected in the assassination of Nirankari Baba in the year 1980. Later he was also arrested for the murder of LalaJagatNarain, a well-known Editor, in the year 1981. However, he was released as there was no evidence against him.

When the Khalistan movement gained momentum, there was massive unrest in Punjab. There were several rounds of talk with the Government, however in vain. Jarnail Singh headed the movement and stressed upon his followers the importance of being armed all the time. He always kept a revolver with him and also wore a cartridge belt. In the year 1982, he was invited by Longonwal to take shelter within the Golden Temple premises in Amritsar and lead the movement. Subsequently, his followers increased and Khalistan Movement became popular. He even joined hands with the Akali Dal. Soon arms and ammunitions, along with modern rifles were introduced in the Golden Temple.

There were continuous demands and negotiations over the formation of a new state with the Central Government. However, the Indira Gandhi-led government did not resort to their demands. Finally, in the year 1984, the Operation Blue Star was initiated. Army troops were deployed and they attacked the temple. In a fierce fight, Jarnail Singh was finally assassinated in this operation. He became a martyr for the Sikhs and they treat him as an icon and their hero till date.

Death Info

Jarnail Singh died on 06th June 1984 in Amritsar.

6 June, 1984 Amritsar, Punjab India

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