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The Great Gama Biography, Age, Death, Height, Weight, Family, Caste, Wiki & More

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Short Biography

The Great Gama was born on 22-05-1878 in Amritsar in the state of Punjab, India. He was an Indian-born Pakistani Wrestler & Bodybuilder.

Other Name: Gama Pehalwan, Ghulam Hussain
Other Professions: Bodybuilder
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The Great Gama Complete Bio & Career

Born in Amritsar, Punjab he was amongst the best of the players in wrestling that India had ever produced. His real name is Ghulam Mohammad and was the first person to have won the world heavyweight Championship in the year 1910. Gama, Imam and R.B. Benjamin went to visit the European mainland. Amid the visit, Gama crushed numerous world celebrated wrestlers like Sweden's Jesse Paterson, the French Maurice Deriaz, America's Benjamin Roller and so on. The World Champion Polish wrestler, Zbyszco dealt with a disputable draw with him. In any case, considerably later he was outmanoeuvred in only 21 seconds in another match against Gama, this time in India. The Great Gama tested different inquirers of the world wrestling title. The rundown incorporated Russia's Hackenschmidt, Japan's Taro Miyake and America's Frank Gotch. However, nobody set out to battle against Gama and he came back to the nation unbeaten. Aside from his lone thrashing, Gama had won very nearly 5000 matches. He passed away at Lahore in 1953.
The only education who took was his wrestling education in Akhada from his Ustad. Rest he is illiterate. He came to limelight because of his challenge which he gave to the national champion of that time even being half capable of defeating him because of the height difference. A young lad of 17 made sure the match ended in a draw. He was nicknamed as the crazy son of god as if he made his mind to fight then nothing can stop him.

Health Issues, Illness and Death Info

The Great Gama died on 23-05-1960 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. He died due to his illness one day after his 82nd birthday.

23 May, 1960 (Monday) Lahore, Punjab Pakistan

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The Great Gama Age, Birthday Facts and Birthday Countdown

The Great Gama was 82 years & 0 day old age.