December 01, 2021

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  • Sara Salazar (Mexican Singer) Biography, Age, Family, Facts & More

    Posted On : April 1, 2020

    Sara Salazar is a Mexican Singer, Songwriter & wife of singer/actor Jose Jose. Know more like Wiki, Age, Biography, Family, Facts & More about Sara Salazar (Wife of Jose Jose).

    About Sara Salazar

    She was married to a well-known actor, singer & musician Jose Jose since 1995. Jose died at the age of 71 on 28-09-2019 in Miami, United States. With Jose, she has three daughters named Celine Salazar, Sarita Sosa Salazar & Monique Salazar. She was seen with her husband while visiting hospitals and was the one who gave interviews when asked about her husband's health. 

    She herself was a renowned singer of her time and was a huge fan og her husband. She though couldn't remain married for more than a year as her husband passed away within a year of her marriage.